Jinx is Crazy in a Firecracker of a Cosplay


Jinx’s crazy “I do what I want” attitude and feisty personality make her a fun champion to play in League of Legends. An outlaw in Piltover, she derives great pleasure from out maneuvering Vi and Caitlyn. Daring Vi by targeting the Piltover Treasury, her consistent ability to evade capture has lead to a long crime streak in the city. Their feud is still ongoing, so if Jinx is ever playing against a Vi or Caitlyn, a special counter appears in game. Featuring amazing attack speed and multiple weapons modes, she is an entertaining ADC.


Jinx’s latest skin unveil was for her Firecracker skin. Cosplayer Glory Lamothe slips into her red kimono style dress in a startling perfect cosplay. Long black hair with bright green bangs is held back by red ribbon and adorned with a white flower. Fun cloud and lightning bolts are embroidered into the gold edged dress. A green gem highlights her neck and the blue cloth cinches her waist. Posing with a crazy look in her eyes and fantastic posing, Glory Lamothe embodies Jinx’s personality perfectly.



Photography by Sans Frontieres



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