Josh Gad on the Future of the Frozen Franchise

Josh Gad is still Olaf, people, no need to let Pixels ruin everything.

While Josh Gad may have starred in that…movie, Frozen inevitably came up during his recent interview with IGN as well. When asked about a possible Snowman Olaf spinoff movie, Josh Gad explained that there aren’t any current plans for such at Disney.

“You know what it comes down to is John Lasseter and his brain trust who run Pixar and Disney are very sensitive to making sure it’s coming from a place of character and story” he explained. “So until there’s a reason to do it… you know, like Frozen 2 came about a lot quicker than any of us anticipated because you look at the difference in time, there was like 10 years before they made Finding Dory now and six or seven years before they made Toy Story 3. I think that they tend to take a lot of time by virtue of the fact that they want to get it right. They know what the expectation is. Especially for a movie like Frozen where it just became a phenomenon. There’s a lot of expectation.”

The Frozen sequel howerver is reportedly moving right along. It just might be the fastest feature theatrical sequel Disney has every produced, but that’s the phenomenon of Frozen for you. Gad says, “Right now they’re doing their thing of breaking down the story and I’m sure that soon enough they’ll know more but they’re keeping us in the dark.”

Gad also talked about his continued surprise at just how big a phenomenon Frozen turned into. “It remains surreal. Nobody saw it coming. Nobody saw it coming. It was not on anybody’s ‘most anticipated’ list. It was certainly not something I saw coming. I went into a screening at Disney with no expectations whatsoever other than I’m going to see a cute princess movie. I saw it with my wife actually, and she looked at me and goes ‘Woah – this is really, really special.’ It was actually right after ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ that she said that to me, and you felt that. Like this just takes you back to those Disney fairytale movies that you fell in love with.”

Frozen 2’s release date is still TBA, but that isn’t lessening anybody’s anticipation for it.
Source: IGN

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