JRPG Exist Archive Gets New Trailer

Exist Archive, the JRPG by Star Ocean developer tri-Ace, has received a new trailer today, showing off another playable character by the name of Himuro Suzaku. The blond punk with fishnets and a skull emblazoned shirt carries into battle a chain whip sword that she uses to lash out at enemies from all distances, striking multiple enemies at a time. Exist Archive is slated for release on PlayStation 4 and PSVita in just a number of days on Japanese markets, and features side scrolling gameplay with a turn based battle system not unlike other titles in the genre, but with a unique presentation and mechanics that make this piece stand out on its own.

No news of a western release has been slated, but if the game shows a strong release this month, then only time will tell for certain. Check out the Japanese trailer below, and if you’re into imports, Exist Archive hits shelves December 17.







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