Kirin Armor Cosplay Hunts Down Monsters in Style

Monster Hunter is an adventure strategy game that first appeared in 2004. Featuring hack and slash combat with various weapons and armor, many enjoyed the game allowing the series to continue into its fourth generation of games. As the name suggests, it is a simulation hunting game, except you are hunting dragons, giant bugs, and other ferocious monsters instead of deer or quail. One of the monsters available to hunt is the Kirin, a creature which resembles a white unicorn but hails from a line of elder dragons. Its hide is extremely strong, being resistant to many weapons, yet still being very flexible.

kirin-armor-cosplay-2Photography by Kings Cosplay

Cosplayer Oki-Cospi has had a successful hunt as she is wearing Kirin Armor, one of the strongest obtainable armors. With a Kirin horn on her head, she is as beautiful as the creature itself. A loin cloth, boots, and arm guards are all crafted from the Kirin’s hide, thus the white and blue coloring with the scale pattern. A cloth tube top along with blue and red embellishments on the bottom, leggings, headband and arm guards completes the look. Utilizing the Kirin’s tail, she now wields the Dragon Bow Halo, an extremely strong bow imbued with the thunder of the Kirin. Oki-Cospi has done an amazing job in executing this fun and feisty cosplay.

 kirin-armor-cosplay-1 kirin-armor-cosplay-3Photography by Photography Banzai









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