Kitty Pryde Cosplay Phases Our Hearts

Kitty, a mutant, possesses a “phasing” ability that allows her and objects/people she is in contact with to become intangible. Her powerset also disrupts electrical fields she passes through and lets her simulate levitation. Coming into her mutant powers around the age of 13, she was recruited both by Professor X and Emma Frost, the reigning White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Ultimately going with Professor X, Kitty became fast friends with Storm – and later her companion, Lockheed, an alien shown resembling a small dragon.


Rufflebutt Cosplay completely nailed this costume in such a genius way. In her construction notes, she points out that it is a black catsuit base with the yellow costume portions as a completely separate piece! That is a hugely smart construction idea that not only improves dressing time, but makes the catsuit reusable for other projects! Not only is her costume picture perfect to the source, she let onto a completely cool build construction idea. Follow Rufflebutt Cosplay for more great work and creative brilliance!

kitty-pryde-cosplay-3 kitty-pryde-cosplay-1

Photography by LJinto and Tyrius Flynn








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