Street Fighter V’s Roster Gets A Little Cooler With Newcomer Kolin

Kolin is the latest fighter to join the Street Fighter V roster. Kolin has the ability to use her ice powers in a variety of different ways to beat her opponents in a fight.

Kolin has a few different ice powers to boost her own fighting abilities. She can use her ice abilities to slide, freeze her opponents, and she also uses her ice on her fist and feet to boot her attacks.

Capcom’s new reveal trailer to showcase Kolin does a great job of showing her different abilities. She is quick and her ability to counter and freeze makes her a dangerous opponent to go up against. Kolin made her first appearance in the story of Street Fighter III.  This will be her first appearance as a playable character and it looks like Capcom is doing a good job with her.

Street Fighter V is out now for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Kolin will be playable on February 28th.





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