Latest Civilization VI Trailer Shows Queen Victoria Taking Command

Often regarded as one of  England’s most memorable rulers, Queen Victoria has led the nation for 60 years. Not only was she an excellent leader, but the latest Civilization VI trailer accurately showcases what the former Queen of England is capable of.

As shown in the trailer below, the video provides a bit of history during the Queen’s tenure as ruler; having a substantial amount of manpower and structures in her control, this trailer provides an accurate depiction of her reign. Alongside diverse units and land structures, the Queen has the opportunity to send her Redcoats into the battlefield. In addition,the trailer also shows off England’s top notch Navy, which played a key role during the Victorian Era, because of this, she has the ability to build and expand the Royal Navy as she sees fit.

Take control of Queen Victoria on your PC gaming rigs when Civilization VI drops on October 21st.





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