Latest Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Update Takes Advantage Of Recent Windows 10 Update

Developer The Coalition has recently released a patch for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The latest patch was aimed to capitalize on yesterday’s Windows 10 update.

According to the Developer, the latest Windows 10 update broke ground for unlocking frame rates located in Universal Windows Platform games, which allows for G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility. The latest update also allows users to disable the V-sync, option, which is designed to eliminate the screen tearing effect by synchronizing a monitor’s refresh rate with achievable frames per second.

The latest patch and bug issues that were addressed are listed below:

  • Fixed sniper rifle input when zoomed in.
  • Restriction on total number of strict NAT machines allowed in MP eliminated.
  • FPS counter update rate adjusted.
  • Added V-sync toggle to video options. Toggle “off” to not be limited by your monitors refresh rate. Note: This requires an OS update that can be found here:
  • Added frame rate limit selector to video options. Use to reduce your frame rate if you are getting too much tearing, or choose unlimited to let the game render as fast as possible. Note: This option is best used with v-sync off. With v-sync on, it will force the game onto a refresh interval (render every refresh, every second refresh, etc.).
  • Added anisotropic filtering setting to video options.
  • Added FPS counter toggle to video options.
  • Fixed a bug where post processing could become disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where PSO’s could be created on the fly instead of read from the cache, causing hitches.








Written By Guest Contributor Taylor Lyles