Latest Paragon Trailer Shows Off New Hero

Sony’s official YouTube channel has uploaded a new trailer for the free-to-play multiplayer game, Paragon. Tha latest trailer shows off a new playable hero, Greystone who will be added into the game this month.

As shown in the trailer, several of Greystone’s powerful fighting skills can be seen. In addition to what this character is capable of his abilities have also been revealed, which you can find below:

  • Assault the Gates – Closes the gap on high-priority targets
  • Make Way – Deals damage in an area around him
  • Stoic – Grants him passive bonus resistances
  • Reforged (ultimate) – Returns him from the dead with a portion of his HP and full Mana while damaging and knocking up enemies around him

Players with early access to the game will be able to access this warrior starting Tuesday, July 12th, for free. While active PlayStation Plus subscriber who are interested in trying out the new hero, can access the Paragon Starter Pack for free this month.





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