Latest Titanfall 2 Trailer Focuses On The Campaign Mode

With so many trailers centering around the game’s multiplayer mode, Respawn Entertainment has uploaded a new trailer for Titanfall 2. The latest trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter emphasizes on the game’s action-packed single-player campaign mode.

As you can see in the new trailer, titled “Come Together” the 30-second video is chopped full of wall-running, Titanfall combat, and plenty of mech vs. mech action. According to the developer, Titanfall 2‘s campaign mode will center around two protagonists, rifleman, Jack Cooper and the Titan he operates, Vanguard-class Titan, BT 7274 (or BT for short).

According to the developer, the pair’s relationship can be explored a lot more in the campaign through the various options of dialogue offered to the player as they progress through the story. Respawn also announced that your dialogue choices will not affect the game in any way, instead they will serve help the player to learn about the world of the game.

Titanfall 2 is set to launch on October 28th. The upcoming game will release simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.





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