Latest Update For Pokemon GO Is Now Live

The new update for Pokémon Go is now available for Android and iOS The latest update for the location based mobile game addresses several in-game bugs.

According to the developer, Pokémon Go‘s update 0.43.4 for Android devices and update 1.13.4 for iOS devices offers “minor bug fixes.” Although Niantic has yet to reveal any patch notes, it’s strongly implied that the new update was to address a recent bug found in the game, which pauses any audio playing on your device when opening up the game. Additionally, there have been several complaints by players that Pokémon sprites are not appearing, while others have stated they are experiencing issues when their character does not fully load, looking more like a shadowy figure.

Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS. The developer is currently holding a Halloween event, which increases the spawn rate for Ghost-type Pokémon as well as the chance to earn double candy for all activities.





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