League of Legends’ Ahri is More Adorable Than Ever in This Epic Cosplay


League of Legends’ seems to only continue to grow and grow in popularity, a lot of PC gamers deeming it their ‘go to game’. There’s a lot that League of Legends offers, such as a variety of champions to choose from — all offering something different for players to enjoy, or it could be that one is able to throw down with strangers and kick their pixelated butts. Whatever the reason is, the MOBA seems to keep reelin’ folks right on in. Not that its to much surprise, considering players can use giftcards they don’t want for in game cash — yup, you read that right.


When a game such as League of Legends offers enticing champions, it’s not hard to gather that one might want to embody something adorable — especially where champion Ahri is involved. Cosplayer Pixie_late chose to don Popstar Ahri’s outfit, that gives a little bit more oomph to the already oomph-packed girl. There might be a few audible ‘awes’ that come out of your mouth when you look at this cosplay but that’s totally cool. We won’t tell anyone!


Photography by CherryInk Photography