League Of Legends Gets A New Champion

Last week, League of Legends developer Riot Games released a trailer hinting at a new Champion. Today, we finally know now who said new Champion is.

Ladies and gentleman, I’d like you to meet Jhin. According to Riot, Jhin is “slowest marksman yet”, which while probably not a good thing to be in a Western shootout, makes him fit in perfectly within League of Legends. That’s because Jhin is seen as more of indirect fighter, preferring to hit an opponent when they least expect it rather than getting up close and in their face. His gun can fire four shots, with the last shot always dealing a critical hit and inflicting extra damage based on a portion of his target’s missing health. After that, he then has to reload, so if you didn’t finish off your opponent with that last shot, you might want to get out of dodge before your opponents find you.

League of Legends is available now exclusively for the PC. To see more of Jhin, check out his official page over on the official League of Legends website.






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