Legendary Developer Shigeru Miyamoto Once Said Mario Was In His Mid Twenties

Mario is easily the most iconic character in all of game, starring in hundreds of various games in a span of over three decades. When it comes to the plumbers age, you’d be forgiven for thinking that he would be in his mid 30s or even early 40s, but in a recently uncovered 2005 interview with legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario is actually much younger than that. Mainly, he’s in his mid twenties. Wait, what?

Yes, according to an old interview that was discovered by Ars Technica, Mario is only 24 years old. Even more interesting is the fact that his age is the only thing about Mario that remains consistent. “Normally when you create a character and present him to the world, all the details get filed in: what’s his favorite color”, Miyamoto said. “What kind of food does he like to eat? But aside from the fact that he’s about 24-25 years old, we didn’t define anything else.” Miyamoto also went on to say, “when we make a game we take care not to add incongruence to that game’s world. With that caveat, I’d like to keep using Mario in future games.”

Now granted, this interview was conducted originally in 2005, making it little more than a decade old. I’m sure between now and then something may have changed, as things like this tend to do (see the relationship between Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings). Still, to have Mario, one of the most iconic characters in gaming, be in his mid twenties is just insane, especially when you consider the fact that’s the one thing that has to be consistent when it comes to Mario. Truly, this changes everything and puts Mario’s past and future adventures in a whole new light.






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