These Legendary Frozen Cosplays are Absolutely Gorgeous

The latest Disney masterpiece based on the classic fairytale by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson, Frozen, is without a shadow of doubt, one of the best childrens and animated films to have been released in a long time. Ask any mother and child and that is what they will tell you. It’s that popular, that it became the largest grossing animated film released since our childhood favourite, The Lion King was released in 1994 with box office sales of $914,180,767.


As we all sat in the theatres with our eyes, cosplayers around the world have since thought “I am going to cosplay her one day!”, with the full intention that they would tick bringing to life Disney’s newest icons off their bucket list. Such as the likes of whom we see here! May I present to you, Lisa Lou Who and Meagan Marie.


Fans and cosplayers around the world are drawn to Elsa and Anna’s beautiful, flowing gowns, their personalities, and even their supernatural abilities. Like Elsa, for example, who has the power to create ice and snow at the click of her fingers as well as cause the start of an eternal winter in the land of Arendell.


Meagan Marie and Lisa Lou Who are extraordinary and legendary cosplayers who achieve insane levels of perfection with every cosplay they do. Their Frozen cosplays of Elsa and her little sister Anna are a testament to the hard work and dedication of cosplay craftsmanship. And to that, I tip my hat.






Photography by Jane Ferguson and Carla Haglund.


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