Link Has Become Indecisive When it Comes to Outfits in Tri Force Heroes

Don’t give Link multiple outfit choices as it seems he won’t be able to pick between them — at least that’s what the Tri Force Heroes trailer depicts. He’s almost like a girl getting ready for a date she’s more than anxious about as he changes again…. again, and again! But hey, at least gamers know that they can have fun when it comes to costume choice in Tri Force Heroes. This doesn’t focus on everything one might expect from the title but it definitely centers on a fun part of it and allows gamers to personalize their looks — at least to some extent.

Will you be as indecisive as Link in this trailer or do you have a go to outfit in mind? There’s no denying the cheetah costume is pure gold and Link looks absolutely fabulous struttin’ his stuff in it. Take a look at the costume trailer below and let us know what you think!







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