This Mad Moxxi Cosplay Will Leave You Yearning For More

Always searching for her next big thrill, Mad Moxxi has captivated us with her promiscuous references and her uncanny desire to be immersed in danger. A master negotiator and alluring business woman only begins to scratch the surface of what makes her so unforgettably epic.  As the hostess of the brutal Colosseum matches in the Underdome, Mad Moxxi certainly lives up to her name by some of her signature sultry comments that are centered around enjoying the pain of others as she watches with joy while awaiting each new gruesome wave.


Spanish cosplayer Thélema Therion has done an extraordinary job at embodying the red version of the sultry sponsor who gets her jollies off of watching limbs fly during the Underdome riots. Photographer Giuseppe has captured the essence of Mad Moxxi in these astounding photos. With her red megaphone in hand and sultry glare into the camera, Thélema Therion certainly looks as if she is on the prowl for her next big thrill. There have been several recreations of Mad Moxxi; however, Thélema Therion’s definitely has to be one of our favorites.


Many of you might remember Thélema Therion’s epic Eleanor Lamb cosplay that we featured back in September. As an art student, it is certainly clear that she has an eye for crafting some impressive cosplays. Are you guys ready for more epic creations by Thélema Therion? We are certainly looking forward to seeing more of her amazing work in the future. In the meantime, you can enjoy more of her work by following her on DeviantArt and Facebook.



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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