Mad Moxxi Lands on the Moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Cosplay


Mad Moxxi is an iconic NPC from the Borderlands series. Violent and a bit floozy, she runs the Miss Moxxi’s, Moxxi’s Red Light, and The Underdome. Reveling in combat, she is quite friendly when battle has ended. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel she makes a journey to the moon for various appearances in the game, including another known character in the story.


Major Sam cosplays this version of Moxxi, referred to as Moon Moxxi. With Moxxi’s signature heart tattoo on her chest, and over the top make-up, she becomes the sadistic character amazingly. In an outfit inspired by retro sci-fi fashion, she is swathed in red and yellow with a teal bra peeking out of her top. Her boots are adorned with shinguard style accents. Off her waist hangs a hip pack emblazoned, “Taking you Deep Into Space”. Long gloves and an almost bellhop styled hat finish off the costume. Carlos Mayenco Cosplay Photography captures all the hard work put into this costume perfectly, highlighting the cell shading, small details and fun nature of the character.



Photography by Carlos Mayenco


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