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Marvel Announcing Next Big Title on The Colbert Report

The Comedy Central half hour hosted by prolific satirist Stephen Colbert will tonight play host to a different kind of exciting entertainment. In a press release, Marvel announced that their Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will appear on The Colbert Show Wednesday, July 16 at 11:30pm to announce “an all-new comic book title and all-new era for one of Marvel’s most classic Super Heroes.”

This is coming not even a day after Marvel unveiled the new female incarnation of Avenger’s mainstay Thor via The View. What other “new era” could Marvel possibly be ushering in? And for what classic Super Hero? The announcement that the new female Thor is not only going to be a fully fleshed out character but also THE true Thor of the Marvel universe seems like a pretty major announcement, certainly a welcome bit of news for Comic Book and Movie fans disappointed with Marvel for being arguably lax in equal representation among their characters. Does Marvel intend to top yesterday’s announcement in terms of its hopes for an enthusiastic reaction? It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that these announcements, both advertised as major changes, are occurring so soon to each other.

Fortunately we won’t have to wallow in speculation for long. Tune in tonight to the Colbert Report at 11:30 ET/PT to catch Marvel’s big news!


Source: Marvel

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