Agents of SHIELD "Nothing Personal"

Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ S1/E20 ‘Nothing Personal’

Warning, Major Spoilers!

Last week’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ was intense, and had many of us picking our jaws up off the floor. Ward was exposed as part of HYDRA. The remaining SHIELD agents are hoping they can pull their team together again, even if it means pulling Agent Maria Hill back into the mix. There are only three episodes left, so what does “Nothing Personal” have in store? Read on!

Agent Hill has been alerted that something is going on, when May shows up. Surprise! Coulson needs help, and May has been put into the corner long enough. She was trying to cover up TAHITI and there was only so much she could do. HYDRA is lurking around the corner and, with Fury dead, the riddles are coming in, little by little.

In Providence, the secret base, Fitz is monitoring a camera – Ward and Skye aren’t together in the beginning shot and the last frame is the duo leaving hand in hand. May leaves too, with no good-bye, no communication at all. Gemma and Fitz are talking over what has happened and they have a hunch, spreading out to get plans together. Fitz notices two pictures, one night and the other day. Gemma walks into a utility closet. Triplett and Coulson are also chatting. Fitz uncovers one of the portraits and up rolls a sunny beach, “Ward is HYDRA”. Gemma screams.

Ward and Skye are working together – which is a huge shock – and Ward is painting the SHIELD logo on the car. Skye is decrypting the coordinates and it turns out to be the place where she met Mike Peterson. Ward holds her and grabs her gun. The last thing he needs is anything bad happening to her. Skye looks to be playing along with Ward’s game.

Triplett and Fitz are chatting over a dead body, while Gemma analyzes the body. The person has been dead 10 hours, and died by a crushed throat. The killer was at least 6’2”. Fitz gets angry and thrashes around, and Coulson wants him to calm down. Skye is brought up, mentioning how she walked out hand-in-hand with Ward. The plan is to track her down before Ward figures out the next step.

Ward and Skye are heading to the next restaurant and Skye can only think about a good meal. Dessert it is!

Triplett and Coulson are working on getting the systems up and running, but Skye is of importance. The Fridge was a target and was why was Providence on the list. He wanted Skye to decrypt those files. Skye is smart enough to stall, to get the team where they need to be. The plan is in LA, and that means Coulson is on the move. Skye is trying to get in and gets access denied; her look changes. Ward tries to decode her every move but, since Skye sat down with Mike, aka Deathlok, who knows what she is up to next.

Coulson and the team are in a bunker when the doors open. It’s Talbot! He announces that he just wants to help them, and Coulson wants to know who helped him find the secret location. Agent Hill, sir.

In the middle of a cemetery, a grave keeper is oddly curious as to what is going on when Agent May pops out of the ground. May gets into a car, grabs a computer and pulls out the small container from the site. Level 10 access and it needs to go straight to Nick Fury.

Back at the compound, Talbot has the team under investigation and is questioning the motives of each of them. They claim to be agents of SHIELD but, with the rest of the world running around as HYDRA, better safer than sorry. Hill and Coulson are talking about secrets and working together. Hill knows more than Coulson thinks, and Coulson spills all of the details. Ward was the secret weapon, and HYDRA has an upper hand. Talbot comes in wanting to search the room when Hill insists that he knock himself out. A few punches and some serious ass kicking, then it is time to move.

Skye and Ward are back at the diner, drinking coffee and trying to not notice the cops that keep looking their way. The only thing they hear are the comms. Ward looks uncomfortable and Skye tries to talk him back into the moment. Ward wants to leave, but Skye has him pinned. Ding, ding, ding! Guess who tipped them off? Cops come around the corner and order them out of the booth, hands up. Skye wants to be arrested, screaming and then shoving them around, and they bring her to the car. Ward shoots both officers and Skye gets into the driver’s seat and takes off. In the middle of the road, there is a man. He jumps into the air and lands on the hood of the car. It’s Deathlok!

Ward is on the bus and Deathlok is chewing him out. Garrett knew Ward had a soft spot for her, but would it interfere with the motives? Deathlok informs Ward that he has five minutes and Skye is ready to take a few hits of her own. Skye can’t win, or can she? Ward cuffs her to the stair well next to the lab and after everything they have been through, why? It wasn’t personal! WTF! Skye is in twisted disbelief. Hail, HYDRA, or the Nazi. Shoot her now like he did Quinn? I don’t think Skye is believing anything he is saying. Ward can tip off SHIELD, work for HYDRA, tell everyone that he has no feelings for Skye, but yet, he is in love with her. I think I’m about to be sick. Skye is too and Ward wants her more than anything. Skye wouldn’t like the real Ward and he thinks she will understand.

Deathlok is working on a commuter call with access denied, when he looks down and gets a message. Garrett is waiting, time for Plan B. Ward wants to know where to unlock what he needs and Skye knows Mike is better than that, he has a son! But his son was left with Skye, who she left in the hands of the aunt and has a SHIELD agent watching them. Deathlok hits him with a beam that stops his heart. Once Skye gives the codes and how to unlock the drive, he starts his heart back up – ordering Skye to get to work and Ward to jump on the plane, but he can’t stand. Deathlok helps and pushes him off. Ward is ready to descend and Hill is in the plane across from him, ready to get Skye off the plane but Ward refutes. Hill hates Ward and the feelings are mutual. Hill doesn’t want it to go the way that it is, but the plan is that with tracking systems up, Triplett will not be getting off the ground.

Coulson pulls a piece of the flooring up and crawls through, grabs his gun and heads toward Skye. Skye feels guilty that she told them about how to unlock the drive and Coulson knows he can take Ward. What about Deathlok? Coulson sends Skye to the cargo hold and she has never used a parachute before. Never mind that, Lola to the rescue. Just be sure to buckle up Skye. Coulson is frantically trying to get the thrusters up and running but no luck, until the last minute. The two are a mess, but on the ground safely.

Ward wants to land the plane and heads after them but Deathlok says no, they should keep going. Coulson is ready to arm up and head back out but Hill says there is nothing else left. A personal vendetta if you will. And after Ward and Garrett are done, the agents should head their separate ways.

Gemma and Fitz are trying to relax, feet into the pool, and both are questioning the future. Fitz wants to hear the words and Gemma says she is not HYDRA, neither is Fitz. The two are stuck like glue. Triplett and Skye have a moment – we thought Triplett never ate junk food? Coulson has never been “homeless” before and Skye has left a surprise when they decrypt the drive. Skye and Coulson share a candy bar and enjoy the evening.

Back in the hotel, Coulson walks in and sees May standing there. Coulson is glad to see her but May also has something he needs to see. She opens the computer and it is a video of him, recalling project TAHITI. Coulson is in disbelief and he even recommends closing it down. Eyes wide and mouth drops!

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC and stars Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Ming-Na as Melinda May, Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Iain de Caestecker as Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Gemma Simmons and Chloe Bennet as Skye.



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