Mass Effect 2 And 3 Could Become Backward Compatible With More Fan Support

EA has mentioned that Mass Effect 2 and could become backward compatible for the Xbox One sooner rather than later. If enough fans vote for it and show they want it, that could kick everything into gear much faster.

With Mass Effect: Andromeda right around the corner, many people want to play through the last two games of the original trilogy to get themselves ready. However, EA recently said in a Tweet that it would take more votes for them to speed up the process, which you can check out below.

Microsoft allows fans to go to the Xbox One’s User Voice to allow them to vote on which games they want to become backward compatible. Both of the games are currently in the top ten requested games, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will become backward compatible. Still, EA sounds willing, they just need more evidence that the want for these titles is there before they go ahead and get it done.





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