This Max Moxxi Cosplay Turns Violence into Seduction

Mad Moxxi is a character from Borderlands 2, a role-playing first-person shooter game. There are missions throughout the game that reward the player with money, experience, and items upon completion. The game takes place on Pandora, a planet that people turn to in hopes of a better life and more resources. The miners determined that Pandora was not as good as they had hoped for, so they abandoned criminals and other settlers and left the planet. The only hope the people stranded on Pandora have is a Vault in a mountain. But when some people discover the Vault, they are destroyed by an alien force.


Mad Moxxi is a local bar owner, as well as the hostess of matches held in the Colosseum at The Underdome. She is a very skilled fighter and enjoys combat. She’s very seductive and immodest, but also very friendly and loving.


Sheiva Yazdani makes the perfect Mad Moxxi. She appears to be clever and tough, but seductive and sadistic. Wearing a purple coat and thigh high tights, she still looks awfully intimidating with that gun. Sheiva is kicking ass and taking names Moxxi-style, and she looks great doing it.



Photography by AzHP Photography.


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Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman
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