How I Met Your Mother S9 E4 "The Broken Code" Review

How I Met Your Mother S9 E4 “The Broken Code” Review

How I Met Your Mother continues its streak of good episodes, with probably the funniest episode of the season. “The Broken Code” gets us even closer to Barney and Robin’s wedding. With only 48 hours left, the last emotions are being put on the table. This episode starts off where the last episode ended, with Barney finally confronting Ted about what he saw. Barney saw Ted and Robin holding hands in the park. This obviously causes a last minute rift between the groom and the best man, as the two start the bachelor party poker game.

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The opening scene was both funny and suspenseful, as you really didn’t know how Barney was going to react. The conversation between Ted and Barney reminds me of the earlier seasons when the two would just banter back and forth. Not to mention the two crying over spilt scotch was quite funny. Ted and Barney dominate most of the episode from this point on, as the two try to mend their last minute differences. It was also cool how they found a way to get Marshall involved, despite being on his separate road trip. Anyone who remembers Marshpillow will get a pleasant surprise this episode!

On the sidelines, Robin and Lily have a great bonding story of their own. It’s no secret that Robin is terrible at getting along with other women, but seeing it put on full display worked well. I won’t say it was the most original storyline this show has ever had, but it was interesting to see Robin and Lily’s friendship put front and center. Sometimes you forget just how close those two actually are, and how much they mean to one another. Sure the ending of the story was a little sappy, but that always been part of How I Met Your Mother’s charm, and it has been somewhat absent for the last couple seasons.

Speaking of things that remind me of past seasons, the bro code played a pretty big role during this week’s main attraction. Barney, Ted and Marshall debate weather or not the hand holding event between Ted and Robin was actually against the code. This led to a couple great scenes and one of the season’s funniest moments as Barney regaled us with the tale of “Broses” and Christopher Brolumbus. This was a 100% Barney moment and it was fantastic.

Overall this season has been keeping a pleasant smile on my face. The connecting storylines from episode to episode, like Lily and Linus, are giving things that extra layer that has been missing from recent seasons. I can’t help but worry that they are going to stretch this wedding out, but so far it’s working well. Let’s just hope it can maintain for the rest of the season!

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