How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 2 "Coming Back" Review

How I Met Your Mother S9 E2 “Coming Back” Review

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

The new episodes of How I Met Your Mother sort of blended together as I was watching them, but apparently the second part is called “Coming Back”. It pretty much takes place right where “The Locket” left off.

How I Met Your Mother S9 E1: “The Locket” Review

This episode consists of some pretty simple story lines, told in some subtle, lovely ways. Once the guy at the front desk calms down a little bit, he and Ted have a funny little dialogue that felt very HIMYM. Ted probably should have gone to the strip club, but oh well. While Ted is waiting on his room to be ready, an interesting sort of dilemma occurs with James. It seems that James and his husband divorced, and he has yet to tell Barney because of how much weight Barney puts on James’ relationship. James, along with Robin, is afraid that Barney will freak out once he finds out. I have always liked James as a character and his interactions with the main cast are always entertaining. It’s nice to get more depth out of his character and I hope we see more of him this season.

Marshall is still the last man standing. He hasn’t reached the Inn, and has already missed the flights. His only choice now is to race his new found nemesis to the car rental area. Like I stated in the last review, this storyline feels very sitcom oriented, so while it tends to be generic, it’s still quite enjoyable. Marshall has always had a big heart, and this episode really tugs at those strings with his trusting nature. I am sure this storyline will be continued in the next episode so it should be fun to see how the road trip goes.

Going back to the hotel, we get a pretty hilarious, drunk, Lily. Her Kennedy package with bartender Linus makes for some perfect comedic moments. Then her dropping the bomb about James’ relationship was the cherry on top. Personally, it’s good to see that Barney didn’t freak out. It was even better when he goes to James’ room and we see just how much he cares about his brother. Barney has had one of the best arcs on the show, so i’m glad the writers are sticking to their guns instead of trying to stretch his booty hunting personality to the bitter end.

Just like the last episode, “Coming Back” gives me good feelings towards the upcoming final season of How I Met Your Mother. This show has always been about the heart centered in these friends’ relationship. Yes, the mother is finally revealed, but there are still some stories left to be told and finished. The final scene in this episode was one of the strongest this show has had since the time travelers episode. Getting to see Ted interact with the mother this early on was a pleasant surprise, and also reinforces my hopes that we will get to see Ted’s relationship with her develop a bit before they finally meet. Personally, I thought this episode was stronger than “The Locket”, but since the two were basically a combination episode it’s really all the same thing. In both cases, they make a strong argument that this will be a heartfelt final season to an absolutely incredible journey. Here’s to a wonderful season!

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