Minecraft Augmented Reality App Lets You Put Your Creations in the Real World

If there’s one thing that the real world needs, it’s more Minecraft. A new iOS app by 13th Lab, simply named Minecraft Reality, is trying to fix that. Created with the blessing of Minecraft’s own Mojang, this app allows the user to impose their creations into the real world and view them through their device’s camera and even walk around it in full 3D. In addition, the app is able to store the creations and placements made by others for your own AR experience. It’s a bit difficult to fully explain what the app does, so take the time to view the video and see for yourself how the app makes the real world a lot more interesting.

The app is available now on the iOS store for $2 dollars. It is optimized for the iPhone 5, but it is compatible with all iOS devices, so get to building. We’re probably not alone in hoping to see an entire city made out of blocks through our phones. We’re also probably not alone in knowing that our world is about to have a lot more genitals in it.




Written by guest contributor: Jggiant




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