Whistle While You Look at These Amazing Snow White Cosplays

Snow White, the first Disney Princess, is the epitome of beauty and innocence. Everyone in the world knows the story of Snow White. Born a princess to her father the king, naturally she would be not only the most beautiful in all the land, but also the heir to the throne. Her step mother, the evil queen, became jealous and wished Snow White to be hunted and killled by the huntsman, her heart placed in a box. However, the huntsman had a soft heart and let little Snow White go. This is when she came across those seven lovable goofballs, the dwarves; and she not only finds shelter, but friendship, and eventually love in the arms of the charming prince.

Dozens of cosplayers have taken on the sweet, beautiful look that is the princess Snow White, and many have succeeded. These Snow White cosplays, however, stood out among the rest as the cream of the crop. Some captured accuracy, while others were much more creative. Either way the image of Snow White has never looked better.

snow-white-cosplay-5Cosplayer: Ryoko-Demon; Photographer: Kifir

Cosplayer: YayaHan; Photographer: JoshKent

Cosplayer: Riddle; Photographer: Jenny Barclay

Cosplayer: Enjoithis; Photographer: Nikolisfoto

Cosplayer: NikitaCosplay; Photographer: Florian Fromentin

Cosplayer: Neferet; Photographer: Sebastian Gambolati

Cosplayer: VictoriaCosplay; Photographer: Piera

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