Movie Review: Knights of Badassdom

Movie Review: Knights of Badassdom

When a group of people get together for a Live Action Role-Playing game, things turn a little too real in director Joe Lynch’s first feature film. This comedic horror film stars Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau and Peter Dinklage.

The film starts as Eric, the normal man whose has moved past the Dungeons and Dragons phase of his life, is dumped by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the L.A.R.D. community is preparing for a middle ages themed game to take place in a parking lot and local park. Eric, and the gang become aware they are being haunted by his ex-girlfriend and the film takes a turn for cheesy horror.

While nobody will go into this film with high expectations, it actually is pretty self-aware and knows that it is ridiculous. From some of the names of the park, to the cheesy effects and acting, nothing about the film seems like it is taking itself too seriously. The main problem I had with the film was that even though it clocks in at under 90 minutes, it does seem to spin its wheels at moments and borders on boring. Also, its attempts at humor, especially early on are not successful. I don’t think I laughed once, however I may have thought that something was slightly clever.

It’s hard to fault a movie’s acting when it is clearly going for a campy style, but most of the cast is either too over the top or almost not doing anything. For instance, Peter Dinklage puts in a performance that he knows is not Academy Award worthy, meanwhile Steve Zahn seems like he is trying his best. Thus, the scenes between the two are often awkward and distracting. The production value is about what you would expect and the film’s score is generic. Some of the special effects in the second half of the film are surprisingly decent, however they aren’t up to par for other movies in the genre.

I wish there was something good to say about “Knights of Badassdom.” The writers, director, and most of the actors knew they were making a cheesy film that might be a cult hit with a certain audience. The problem is that there aren’t enough laughs to make it a great comedy, nor enough story to make it a good horror movie. It ultimately becomes a mess that would be better suited as a film student’s short film, not a full feature made by professionals.



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