Mythical Battlefield 4 Megalodon Easter Egg Finally Discovered!


A YouTube user named ‘Jackfrags‘ uploaded a video today finally blowing the lid off the location of the super secret Battlefield 4 Easter egg: the Megalodon. The video shows the user and his friends teaming up to spawn the giant prehistoric shark which has been hinted at since before BF4 was even released in October 2013.

Easter Eggs in games are certainly nothing new; with the first egg reported being in Atari’s Adventure game in 1979 which showed the name of the programmer Warren Robinett. Although in 2004 it was proven that the earliest Easter egg was the year before on Video Whizball for the Fairchild Channel F System. So why has this particular Easter egg sparked such a widespread man-hunt?

The answer is stealth. There was a massive cone of silence dropped on the Megalodon so that no-one could know where it was (outside of the company) which sparked the naturally competitive gamers’ need to be first. ‘Jackfrags’ was the first to upload the video proving that the Megalodon could be spawned, although it wasn’t where everyone thought it would be.

The Megalodon actually appeared on the Nansha Strike map which was added through the Naval Strike DLC. This content included 3 other maps, 5 weapons, 2 gadgets, 10 assignments, an amphibious hovercraft and the carrier assault game mode. Not only was the Megalodon not where people expected him to be, he also required a specific sequence of events to show his face. This includes ten players gathering in the way around the buoy. Sounds easy enough! Do that and you’ll see the Megalodon who has become the stuff of legend.




Written by Guest Contributor: DonnaHendra



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