New Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival amiibo revealed

Another day, another set of amiibo that I keep telling myself I don’t need but still get anyway (CAPITALISM HO!). This time, four new amiibo have been revealed by Nintendo as part of the Animal Crossing line, which will be compatible with the upcoming Wii U exclusive Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

The four amiibo coming this time include the owl Blathers and his sister Celeste, Resetti (a.k.a that mole who yelled at you in the original game for resetting your game and not saving), and Kicks. This brings the total of Animal Crossing amiibo to 12, not counting the numerous cards of course. These four are set to release in Japan on December 17th , with the US supposedly getting the first eight amiibo on November 21st.

Coincidentally, November 21st is also the day that Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is also set to launch here in the Japan, while the US is getting it about a week earlier on November 13th. There will be a special bundle for the game that comes with both the game and the Digby and Isabelle amiibo.








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