New Batman: Arkham Knight Items Coming To Team Fortress 2

Valve and Warner Bros have teamed up for a new Steam Workshop competition for item makers in the popular class-based shooter Team Fortress 2. The task at hand was to create was to create Batman: Arkham Knight-themed items that players can use in the game. The votes are in and we have the official winners.

Soon you can be the proud owner of the Fear Monger, The Arkham Cowl, and The Firefly. The Fear Monger will allow you to don the signature gas mask and hood of The Scarecrow from The Arkham Knight. The Arkham Cowl will look familiar as you will be able to wear the Dark Knight’s signature pointy-eared cowl. And last but not least, players can light up the night with The Firefly, which is based off the supervillain of the same name.

The winners will receive 24 games from Warner Bros. All owners of the Batman: Arkham Knight game prior to November 16th can get the three items for free.




Written by Guest Contributor 7am




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