New Details on Star Wars Battlefront Revealed!

The Star Wars Battlefront hype is real, especially since the beta just launched. With everyone getting excited about what’s to come it seems only fitting to tease gamers a little further. Details on two new playable heroes have been revealed as well as a new playable Villain and game mode. Thanks for a Reddit user who doubled up as a detective, there were sound clips in the Star Wars Battlefront beta that featured Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emporer Palpatine. Said files are in the same location and same structure as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett, who have all already been confirmed for the title. That means that, fingers crossed, gamers will be able to play as the unannounced characters as well.

The audio clips also touch on “Hero Hunt”, a game mode that was first hinted when PC participants dug into audio files for the Star Wars Battlefront alpha. There hasn’t been any official confirmation on whether or not Hero Hunt will be included in the title at launch but several other sources have touched on an update to the game which verified Hero Hunt and its description. PlayStation Lifestyle was able to get their hands on a cached version — which has since been removed, and a description of the mode.

“Seven Imperials against Luke Skywalker? Seven Rebels battling it out against Boba Fett? In Hero Hunt, one player will experience the thrill of playing as an iconic Star Wars Battlefront Hero or Villain, facing off against ground troops from the opposing faction. Want to play as the Hero? Take them out and you’ll get your chance, but remember, once you become the Hero the hunt is on,” the description reads.

Being being pulled, PlayStation Lifestyle also gave details on two other game modes that had been previously named by EA — but were never given full detail about. Cargo will be a CTF-style mode where gamers race to steal boxes from the enemy team. Droid Run will be a 6×6 mode where players try to obtain and maintain control over three GNK Power Droids.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. From now until October 12th, the beta is available on consoles and PC — so if you were looking to get an early start on the title now’s your chance!





Source: Reddit