New Doom 4 Multiplayer Alpha Footage

The upcoming Doom game is set to start it’s Multiplayer Alpha tomorrow, Oct.23. Developers ID released a new trailer to celebrate the launch which reveals new gameplay footage from the Alpha which can be seen below.

The footage in the gameplay video is said to come directly from PS4s, Xbox Ones and PCs. The Alpha will start on Oct. 23 at midnight but there will only be a few game modes to explore. Game modes included in the Alpha is a 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode with only one map, called Heatwave. Players will be able to customize their loadout with a total of six weapons and two pieces of equipment.

For those players who didn’t get into the Doom Alpha, there’s a chance that a Doom multiplayer beta will release at a later date with possibly more weapons, maps and game modes. What do you think of the new gameplay footage? Are you excited for Doom? Let us know in the comments!




Written by Guest Contributor: Francision




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