New GTA 5 Update Contains Halloween-Themed Files

Rockstar is planning a Halloween surprise in GTA Online, according to new update files.

A GTA Modder that goes by the name of Yan2295 has been scavenging through the new update that is set to hit GTA Online tomorrow. The modder has said that the update contains more than just Lowriders and the autoshop. Yan says he found something under the name of “mphalloween” in the files. Public events to coincide with the spooky holiday have yet to be announced by Rockstar, but they could be planning it as a surprise.

Two new vehicles were found, as well as a new weapon (flashlight). 12 new masks were also discovered with a file called “ped overlays”- which may stand for pedestrian. These event-exclusive items might only be available on the day of the update or during Halloween. The update releases tomorrow. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.





Written by Guest Contributor: Francision




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