New Heroes of the Storm Trailer Gives an Awesome Look at Kerrigan


Blizzard have given us a brand new trailer for its new upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. The trailer focuses on Starcraft’s Kerrigan. Although Heroes of the Storm is still in Alpha, you will be able to play the beta for completely free when it’s released, which is all good news.

There is no set in stone date for the release of Heroes of the Storm, but there have been a few announcements. You will be able to buy characters and keep them permanently by using in game gold or real money. Also, you can unlock new skins, colour tints and mounts by either purchasing them or getting given them when you rank up.

The trailer can be seen below if you want to watch it. The video also goes through several other bits and bobs too, like quests and the ranking up abilities.







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