New Killer Instinct Survey Hints At Potential New Characters

Iron Galaxy Studios, the current developer behind the newest Killer Instinct after Double Helix games was bought by Amazon, has released a new survey for the game. This survey hints at what possible characters players would like to see, include those from HaloCrackdown, and even Perfect Dark, another Rare property.

While the survey in question is being used to share feedback to make the game better (including player skill level and average play time), the highlight of the survey involves what potential characters that players would like to see. These include the Brute from Halo, an agent from Crackdown, and Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark. There’s even a question for what characters players would like to see playable in the Killer Instinct universe, including Shadow Orchid, Cinder before his transformation, and Eyedol, as well as option described as “Lovecraftian”. Personally, as a huge fan her series and wish to see its return, I voted for seeing Perfect Dark’s Joanna Dark be added to the roster.

“Your feedback will be taken directly to the developers at Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft Game Studios to help make Killer Instinct even better,” the survey says at the end. While nothing is set in stone, this wouldn’t be the first time characters from previous franchises were added to Killer Instinct, as Season Three added Battletoads Rash, Halo’s Arbiter, and Gears of War villain General RAAM. Killer Instinct is available now for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One.






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