New Level Coming To Heroes Of the Storm That Eliminates Map Objectives

The next patch for Heroes of the Storm will be bringing some new additions to the game! This next patch will add a new map, called the Lost Cavern, and will eliminate map objectives so players can focus on a single situation.

The game will be only in a single-lane arena opposed to the usual style of multiple lanes with many objectives throughout the map. Changes have been made for Lost Cavern such as players will no longer be able to heal at the start area anymore, there will be no Hearthstones, and there will be regeneration orbs spawning throughout. Blizzard commented on Heroes of the Storm on their website saying, “We’ve seen that players have been creating one-lane matches on Heroes’ existing maps, so we wanted to create a Battleground that makes things a little easier—and maybe even a little more exciting—for everyone who enjoys these games.”

The Lost Cavern will only be available in custom games made in player lobbies for now but players in lobbies can just choose custom game and begin playing on the Lost Cavern map and use the new gameplay mechanics. Images have been released for the Lost Cavern and can be seen below. Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC and the Lost Cavern will arrive in the “next big patch” for the game that was not given a release date as of yet.






Written By Guest Contributor Matthew

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