New Paragon Gameplay Trailer Shows The Characters In Action

With Paragon just now entering the early access beta, Epic Games gives a fantastic trailer to really make those on the edge of whether or not they should purchase access a very good reason to do so. The trailer shows off Epic Game’s take on the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with a third person action game perspective.

It makes sure to truly show off the powerful abilities of the characters. From unleashing rockets to flipping over the wall and ground slamming the enemies below, there seems to be good variation between the different abilities and how the play.  The trailer certainly looks beautiful, and thankfully, shows off some interesting aspects of the game. Seeing the different abilities from the traditional action game perspective was fun and it certainly makes me excited for Paragon official release.

In order to access the beta, players will need to spend $19.99 for the Standard pack, $69.99 for the Challenger pack, or $99.99 for the Master Founder pack. Paragon is set to be a free-to-play game that will launch sometime in 2016.







Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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