Project Almanac

New “Project Almanac” Trailer Features Time Traveling Teens

What happens when Michael Bay produces a found footage film that takes the premise of Chronicle and substitutes superpowers with time-travel? Project Almanac, apparently.

And that really is the most succinct and indicative summary of the plot I can think of, by the way. Even though Michael Bay isn’t directing or writing, he’s still the only crew member who gets a mid-trailer credit. Dean Israelite is directing and Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark are writing; as far as IMDB knows, they don’t have much major filmography between them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes sense that the studio would put Michael’s Bay’s name front and center.

The teens who discover and incredibly build a time machine prototype they find in a father’s garage, use it for the prurient purposes of winning the lottery, getting back at bullies and going to awesome parties. Until their time traveling starts having disastrous consequences for themselves and the world.

Check out the trailer below.


Source: MTV

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