New Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer Explores the Harsh Outdoors

Lara’s thirst for adventure has led her to survive through the harshest environments and against the most insufferable odds. In a new video series entitled Woman vs Wild, we see not only the kind of dangers that can come from the skies, but also the kind of animals that will challenge her to out think the world around her. Equipment upgrades, medical supplies, learning the environment and how to most effectively defeat it. But Lara isn’t entirely on her own, as the new trailer also looks at the new mission hubs Lara will face, with their own inhabitants who can unlock challenge missions and gear upon completion of missions and aide.

But if Lara is facing off against an enemy force, she’ll need to use her head to overcome them, taking down communication equipment and drones in order to help her remain on top of the enemy that has her massively outnumbered. But they’re saving that trailer for next time. Rise of the Tomb Raider hits Xbox One and Xbox 360 this November 10th.









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