Melissa McCarthy Spy Movie Trailer

New ‘Spy’ Trailer Offers More Character Laughs

Trailers for comedies are tricky because you don’t want to reveal too many of the film’s best jokes. With the new trailer for the Melissa McCarthy parody vehicle Spy, I’m not sure if the movie is showing too much of its hand too early or not.

Most of the trailer’s new gags involve Melissa McCarthy utterly failing to perform the agile maneuvers or reckless stunts that Bond films and its ilk put up on screen like it’s nothing. Also, McCarthy’s signature brand of sometimes self-deprecating, always crude sense of humor is quite the change up from the suave, sophisticated style that costars Jude Law and Jason Statham reference from those films as well.

Allison Janney and Rose Byrne bring all the screen presence and straight man springboards you would expect for a spy comedy.

Check out the trailer for yourself below!

Spy goes undercover in theaters June 5th, 2015.


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