Uncharted 4

New Video Discusses How The Uncharted Series Has Aged With Naughty Dog

In the latest developer diary from Naughty Dog, the developers talk about how the Uncharted series has aged alongside the developers and actors behind it. The diary primarily focuses on the developers.

Many of the current developers have been working on the Uncharted series since their early twenties. Being with the same series for nearly a decade has allowed the developers to grow and mature and they have focused that into the Uncharted series. The characters, technology behind the games, and the characters themselves are all getting older, and it is getting easier to see.  Richard McGonagle, the voice actor behind Sully, said “Sully has had this thing right from… the first game, and this was something I added at some point, he says ‘I’m too old for this shit, I think now that Nathan is beginning to have that thought himself.”  Uncharted 4 is to be released May 4 exclusively for the Playstation 4 after a delay to “allow for extra manufacturing time”.







Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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