Newest Hero Spotlight Reveals a Co-Op Threat Heading To Heroes of the Storm

With the recent reveal of two-headed, two-player hero, Cho’Gall, many Heroes of the Storm players have speculated how Blizzard would pull this one off. Blizzard has officially answered that question with an in depth hero spotlight video, revealing the mechanics behind this two-headed behemoth. You can check out the video below.

Both players will each choose a head and control different mechanics of Cho’Gall. One player will choose to control Cho and one will control Gall. The player that chooses Cho will be in control of all of the ogre’s movements and melee attacks, and will be the one responsible for keeping the ogre in position for initiating and escaping fights. His abilities include surging fist, which lunges him forward and deals damaging enemies in his path. The player who chooses Gall will blast down the enemies with high damaging abilities at medium to long range.

As a whole, Cho’Gall is a massive double-threat as he is able to initiate team fights by lunging in and attacking at melee range, as well as be able to focus on targets out of melee range with Galls damaging spells.




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