Newest Smite Update Introduces Co-op Mode and More

Hi-Rez Studios has launched a huge update for the console versions of Smite. The latest update for the third-person MOBA introduces a brand new game mode and more.

According to the developer, update 3.17 is now live for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Smite. The new update includes several new additions to the game, including the biggest new feature, a new PVE event called Xing Tian’s Mountain, which divides players into teams of five, where you are placed into an MMO-inspired raid, fighting off hordes of bosses and enemies that cross your path. Players will start off at level 13 and 7500 in-game gold, you can earn more gold, and experience points as your progress through the event. Unfortunately, this event is only around until October 13th.

Update 3.17 also introduces the Odyssey. This new yearly event will receive new content every other week and will conclude before next year’s Smite World Championship. Players can purchase this content or complete specific quests to earn Odyssey Points, which you can use to redeem more in-game goodies. The new update introduces the first wave of Odyssey Content. This includes a new fox skin for Amaterasu.

The developer also revealed that the new update brings in new achievements/trophies for players to unlock, with He Bo, Izanami, and Geb each receiving two a piece. Lastly, update 3.17 address several balancing issues, including a nerf for Ravana, and a buff for Izanami.

You can check out the full patch notes on the developer’s websiteSmite is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.




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