Nine Minutes of Adrift Gameplay Tests Players’ Ability to Hold Their Breath

Nine minutes of Adrift gameplay has been released and it might cause gamers to hold their breath — and not for a short period of time either. If you’re someone who really gets into their gaming activity, interacting and all, then it might be hard for you to not hold your breath while playing Adrift. In the nine minutes featured, the title has gamers searching for an oxygen source in a crashed space station. That might sound horrible enough on its own but while you’re searching there’s a constant reminder that you’re running out of breath as someone continues to gasp for air. Imagine how this might feel while playing on the PlayStation VR — not like playing on console won’t be tough enough.

Gamers get a glimpse into the title by taking on the role of an astronaut whose suit seems to be slowly leaking out its oxygen supply, forcing said astronaut to go searching. It seems there might be the chance to repair your suit and even upgrade upgrade later on.

If you’re feeling brave, check out the gameplay below. Adrift is currently slated for release early next year.







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