Nintendo Is Talking About Adding Video Services To The Switch

The Nintendo Switch launched without traditional streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu in order to focus on gaming. While the thought was nice, it was heavily criticized for the decision, especially since it is supposed to serve as a mobile device as well. Thankfully, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently talked about this.

This is what he said when talking about bringing video streaming service: “We’re talking to a range of companies about other services, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon — things that will come in time. In our view, these are not differentiators. What differentiates us is the way you play with the Nintendo Switch and what you can play. And that will continue to be our focus into the future as we continue driving this platform.”

While this doesn’t say when exactly these services will be joining the Switch, it is good to know they have listened to the criticism and are trying to make it happen. While I like that the Switch is a games console first, streaming services are on just about everything now and it does hurt the Switch to not have them.


SOURCE: The Washington Post




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