Nintendo Is Teaming Up With Scrap To Make A Zelda Themed Escape Room

Well, those are words I never thought I would be typing, but there we are. Nintendo has announced that they will be working with Scrap to make a Legend of Zelda themed escape room.

I know that last sentence sounds a bit foreign to many of you, so here’s the gist of it for those of you who’ve never heard of it: and escape room is a real life event where groups of  six people are tasked with escaping a room within a time limit, which they do by working together and solving puzzles within the room itself. These Zelda themed escape rooms, called Defenders of The Triforce, will work the same way, only with a Zelda twist, as in addition to solving puzzles, you’ll also be finding Zelda themed items as well, such as bombs, arrows, etc. Using these items effectively with you other teammates are the key to solving the mystery and thwarting the evil Ganondorf.

The event will be hosted in eight cities, starting with San Francisco starting on January 31st until February 5th, and will go on to other major cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, and New York to name a few. To find out more about the event, and even get some early bird tickets, you can check out the official site for the event here.





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