Nintendo Shows Off Animal Crossing Themed amiibo

Love them or hate them, Nintendo’s answer to the “Toys to Life” market amiibo is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This time, the beloved Animal Crossing series will be getting it’s own set of amiibo, not just with figures, but cards as well. While we know quite a bit about the cards, Nintendo recently revealed some info about what the figures would look like.

There will be eight Animal Crossing figures available for fans to pick up, and include dog musician K.K. Slider, Alpaca sibling furnitur makers Cyrus and Reese, clothing designer Mabel, the popular secretary Isabelle, the equally unpopular shop owner Tom Nook, Isabelle’s brother Digby, and finally the otter Lottie, who’s making her debut in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. In addition there will be a three pack that has K.K. Slider, Cyrus and Reese, similar to the recent retro 3-pack (which had Duck-Hunt, R.O.B. and Mr. Game Watch). The amiibo figures will be compatible with both Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the 3DS as well as the upcoming Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for the Wii U.







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