Nintendo Switch’s Price May Have Been Leaked

The UK price of the Nintendo Switch may have been leaked. Thankfully, if these leaked prices end up being correct, the Nintendo Switch isn’t going to break the bank.

According to the reports, UK gaming retail chain Game is planning to sell the base unit of the console for £199.99 (roughly $250). Another model, which goes for £249.99 (roughly $312), comes with greater internal storage and an unknown pack-in game. Additional controllers, bought separately, will sell at launch for £39.99 ($50). According to LetsPlayVideoGames, these prices have been confirmed by two independent sources.

Currently, this is nothing but rumor and speculation until we get official word from Nintendo. It is also worth pointing out that prices work a little differently in the UK. In North America and Japan, Nintendo sets a Recommended Retail Price (RRP). This isn’t the case in the UK, however, and the prices above may apply only to Game stores. Still, if these prices were accurate, it is unlikely the price would be drastically different from other stores.

The Nintendo Switch is certainly an exciting console, especially since Capcom and Nvidia both have nothing but good things to say about the console, calling it an “incredible” console. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see how accurate these pricing options are for this exciting console. We can expect to find out more, including the final pricing, during the next big Nintendo presentation on January 12th.


SOURCE: LetsPlayVideoGames




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