Nintendo Will Finally Show Off Their NX Console Tomorrow

Yes, you read that headline correctly. After months of teases, hints, and rumors, Nintendo will finally show the world their new NX console.

The news comes from Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account, which revealed that the new console will finally be shown off for the first time in a trailer tomorrow. “Be among the first to discover #NX”, the Tweet reads. “Watch the Preview Trailer at 7am PT/10am ET!”

So yeah. It’s finally happening! All those rumors about it being a console/handheld hybrid, all the rumors about what games will be on the console, all of that will finally be possible answered come tomorrow. Admittedly, it came completely out of nowhere, and I’m sure no one expected it, but that’s Nintendo for you. Always announcing new stuff at their own pace and when no one expects it. What are you most excited to see tomorrow? Personally, outside of the console itself, I’m looking forward to see what games will be coming out for it, specifically what The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like.





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