No Man’s Sky Is Recreated In The Original Doom, Complete With Multiplayer

Well, this is a headline I never thought I would write. Someone took No Man’s Sky and recreated it in the classic PC shooter Doom; as in the original game from 1993.

The mod was created by Doom modder Robert Prest, who recreated the planet exploring game without ever having played the game himself, and mainly using screenshots from the main game, with the various creatures and environments being created using the original Doom’s assets. What’s even more impressive is that the mod also has a multiplayer component, which enables players to interact and shoot each other. Truly, the things that modders can do never fails to amaze me.

You can take a look at the mod in action in the video below, as well as take a look at a gallery of various screenshots hereNo Man’s Sky is available now for the PC and PlayStation 4, while the original Doom is available for pretty much everything.